I teach daytime and evening group yoga classes in Sidcup and Hextable (near Swanley).

Please see the timetable below for times and venues.  The cost and addresses are below the timetable. 

Private yoga classes, one-to-one, small groups and family yoga sessions can be arranged at other times in the week, in and around the local area – Sidcup, Bexley, Swanley, Chislehurst etc.  Please contact me for details.

For details of yoga and meditation workshops, please see the events page.

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Day Type Time Where To Book
Monday Yoga for Parkinsons 10.45am – 11.45am My home yoga studio Currently full
Mixed Experience 7pm – 8.30pm The Howard Venue, Hextable (Swanley) contact me
Tuesday Private Yoga Classes By appointment My home yoga studio contact me
 Wednesday Mixed Experience 9.30am – 11am The Howard Venue, Hextable (Swanley) contact me
Yoga for stroke survivors Every other week

2pm – 3pm

Danson Youth Centre, Bexleyheath Email:londonsoutheast@differentstrokes.co.uk
General Beginners/Improver’s 6pm – 7.15pm Sidcup Currently full – space only when someone cancels
Beginners 7.30pm – 8.45pm Sidcup Currently full – spaces only when someone cancels
 Friday Mixed Experience  9.30am – 11am  The Howard Venue, Hextable (Swanley)  contact me


Yoga Classes in Hextable (near Swanley) Map

Address: The Howard Venue, 39 Egerton Avenue, Hextable, Kent, BR8 7LG.

Cost:  either £39 for a 6 week term, which works out at £6.50 per class

or £9 per class to drop in

First class just £5, so you can come and see if the class is right for you

If you pay for a 6 week term, although there is no refund or reduction if you cannot attend one or more sessions of the block, if you let me know in advance – subject to space – you would be able to book in for one of my other classes in lieu, during the remainder of the 6 weeks – see my timetable above.  

I try to be as flexible as possible, if you have any questions, please do let me know.

Yoga Classes in Sidcup

The Sidcup classes are small, held in my private yoga room, with a maximum number people per class.  Drop-ins are only available rarely when there is space, so please do contact me in advance if you would like to attend.

Cost:  either £45 for a 6 week term, which works out at £7.50 per class

or £10 per class to drop in

First class just £5, so you can come and see if the class is right for you

As the Sidcup classes are so small to make these classes viable, following the first taster class, payment is in blocks of 6 and there is no refund or reduction if students cannot attend one or more sessions of the block. However, like with all my classes, if you let me know in advance – subject to space – you would be able to book in for one of my other classes in lieu, during the remainder of the 6 weeks – see my timetable above.  

Occasionally there will be room for drop-ins – when regulars are away – but I can’t guarantee this every week.  If you prefer the flexibility of drop in attendance I recommend you come to my other larger classes where the room is big and I can accommodate drop-ins.


You can also view my yoga classes on Yoga Class Near You

I provide all yoga equipment, including mats but please bring a blanket for relaxation.  Please wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for exercise and allows for full range of movement.  We practice barefoot.

It is not advisable to eat a full meal before a yoga class.  Traditionally yoga is practiced on an empty stomach, however I find that students may prefer to eat a light snack a couple of hours before practicing to ensure their energy level is stable.

I teach alignment based Hatha yoga, accessible for all ages and abilities.  You don’t need to be flexible to start!

Each week I teach a different sequence of poses (asana) with the intention that the students experience a full range of yoga postures: standing poses, seated and floor poses, twists and abdominal toners, forward bends and backbends.  We begin the class with a breathing exercise (pranayama) and breath awareness is carried throughout the class.  The class always ends with a meditation practice and then a lying relaxation known as Savasana.

Discussion and feedback is actively encouraged in my classes.  Please feel free to ask questions.

  • Yoga is an individual practice.  We all work at our own pace.
  • Yoga asks us to be mindful, willing to go to our personal edge and at the same time respectful of where we are at each moment.
  • Yoga is about self discovery, both on and off your yoga mat.
  • Yoga is not competitive!  We are all unique. Yoga allows us to experience ourselves in a non-judgmental way.

If you have an injury or a condition please let me know before the class begins.  You can tell me at the beginning of the class or call me to discuss the situation in advance.  In most cases I will be able to modify the poses to suit specific needs.  In some cases it is better to start with private yoga lessons so your needs and ability can be assessed and specifically addressed.  Pregnant women are more than welcome in my classes, but if you prefer, I can recommend pregnancy yoga classes in the local area.

Come along and see how it feels to connect to your body, create space, relieve tension, increase fitness, strength and flexibility and improve posture.

Please read the testimony page – here – to see how yoga has positively affected my students.

For more details call me on 07974 728 839

Or email me at clairs@hotmail.com