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Breathwork Course – 6 week programme

How you’re breathing is how you’re living.  In this course, you’ll learn how to harness the power of your breath

Breathing for most of us is totally automatic, governed by our autonomic nervous system, it happens all by itself.  However, we can override our natural breath, and if we know how, we can create an effect within a few minutes of practice.

Breathing exercises are so powerful that within a couple of minutes of practice you can lower your heart rate, boost your digestion and improve your sleep.  And if you know how you can also use breathwork to balance your energy and improve your mood.

For centuries yogis have used breath control, or pranayama, it’s one of the most powerful tools for modulating our nervous system, and yet it continues to be misunderstood and neglected in most health circles.  It’s easier than meditation, the benefits are immediate, and even a beginner can impact their nervous system dramatically in as little as 10 breaths.

I’ve been teaching breath work for many years as part of my yoga classes but I would encourage everyone, even those who have no interest in yoga to consider working with their breath.  Very short breathing practices of 2 minutes a couple of times a day, can make a huge difference to how we feel and to our overall health.

This course is for those who want to:

  • understand how we breathe and the effect that unhelpful breathing habits can have on our health and how we feel.
  • get to know their own breathing patterns.
  • build a toolbox of techniques and develop skills and strategies to harness the power of their breath.
  • improve their energy levels, their mood, and quality of their sleep

Commitment: 1 hour a week plus 30 minutes a day of practice

Dates & Cost to be confirmed…

***If you are interested in taking part please do contact me by filling in the form on the contacts page to let me know – the number of people interested will affect when and how I run the course.