Yoga and Meditation Classes in Sidcup, Bexley, Chislehurst and Hextable, Kent with Clair Yates

Making yoga part of your life

The past two years have led many to make changes, to prioritise their mental and physical health in a way they hadn’t before.  As part of these changes, lots of people have taken up yoga or returned to the practice in a more committed way.

I’ve seen in my own classes – and have heard from other yoga teachers that they are finding this too – class participants seem to be appreciating the benefits of yoga on a deeper level than before the pandemic.  For some attending a class once or twice a week is enough, for others the changes they feel after a yoga class lead them to want to know more, to start to want to make yoga and the teachings of yoga part of their life.

This is how I felt back in 2007.  Though I had dabbled with yoga for many years, in 2004, suffering from a bad back, I’d started to attend yoga classes in earnest.  My back soon improved but that’s not why I became hooked, though I couldn’t put my finger on it, I began to feel happier and more comfortable living in my own body and I wanted to know more.  I’d been attending 3-4 classes each week but this still didn’t feel like enough, because in reality there is only so much yoga you can learn in a class environment.  Fortunately one of my teachers, Mohini Chatlani was about to teach her first 60 hour British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, and she invited me to join.

The foundation course changed my life.  Being part of a group of like-minded students, meeting regularly and going deeper into the teachings of yoga, the philosophy, the history, taking time to cultivate a regular physical yoga practice, progressing our confidence to create our own sequences and to try different postures and practices, developing our ability to reflect on how we respond to life with its inherent challenges, all over the course of 10 months, contributed to a real change in how I feel and connect to life.

If you’re reading this and you can relate to the feeling of wanting to know more about yoga than the average class can teach, to the feeling of wanting to make yoga part of your life, I recommend taking some kind of yoga course where you will be part of a group meeting together over a period of time.  There’s an energy in being with like-minded people and accountability in being part of a group that meets regularly and time to build awareness and absorb the teachings in a way that really can make yoga part of your life.

I’m excited to be planning to teach the foundation course myself this year, knowing I’ll get to go deeper into the teachings with those who are interested and share my love for yoga.  I’ll get to watch others’ life-changing experiences which is a real joy.  There will be foundation courses starting with various teachers in this area throughout 2022, so if you are interested in making this year the year you make yoga part of your life, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

Wishing you a deeper connection to yourself in this new year.

Keep taking good care of yourself, Clair.