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Menopause Fit FREE Online Taster Session

Being a yoga teacher I am fairly well informed about health in general but I was definitely not prepared for the start of the perimenopause in my early 40s. 

Now I know that it’s a really common time for women to start feeling a bit different and very common for us to not realise that the way our body is behaving is down to the 10 year period before we actually menopause when our hormones can start to go a bit wild in preparation.

If you or any women you know is in her 40s and beyond and is not sure if what she is experiencing is hormone-related, please do pass on the details of our FREE Online Menopause Fit taster session which explains the symptoms, lets women know what to expect, and gives some great tips of things they can do straight away to feel better.

You can check out the video and download the handout of the 34 known symptoms here:
Menopause Fit FREE taster session








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