Yoga and Meditation Classes in Sidcup, Bexley, Chislehurst and Hextable, Kent with Clair Yates

Yoga & Meditation workshop 2023, date TBC.  £30

– This yoga workshop will focus on grounding yoga asana sequences, meditation, and relaxation techniques and will end with a long lying relaxation. The workshop will include physical and mental practices and techniques to help students to slow down, focus inward and reconnect with their authentic selves.
– We will practice a range of methods to enable students to find techniques that work for them. I will be teaching practices that foster not only relaxation and sleep but also develop a sense of connection that can lead us to feel happier.
– Practises in this workshop will include, moving, sitting and lying meditation/relaxation.
– Sometimes we need some help to get a satisfying night’s sleep and with that in mind in this workshop, I will be teaching meditation and relaxation techniques that have been researched and found to specifically help with sleep.
– These are techniques I use myself and whenever I teach them I get really good feedback about how well they work.