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Carole, March 2021

I have been a student of Clair’s for a number of years, and I have found her to be a first-class five-star yoga teacher – second to none without a doubt.  She is a most skillful engaging passionate yoga teacher. Clair brings to the class educational and focused learning for […]


Jill, February 2021

I am probably one of the oldest pupils in Clair’s yoga class.  I have been enjoying my yoga for 3 years and I know it has really helped me to keep my body fit and healthy and to alleviate previous back problems that I had.  I also really think that […]


Louise, June 2020

Your yoga classes were the best thing about Lockdown.  They were an anchor to my week and when I stopped work so abruptly, your classes were familiar and normal and you were/are so positive.  It was lovely to see everybody else and the normality of seeing you and everyone each […]


Graheme, December 2018

It’s been all down to your professional guidance, love & care that has got my yoga to this level over the past 4 + years thank you so much Clair!


Claire, May 2018

I learnt so much from your class and how you taught everything in such an understandable, thorough way with such attention to detail and really individualised advice for everyone. It was a really different experience for me as I’d only really practiced Ashtanga style yoga before but it was so […]


Paul, March 2018

Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying coming to your classes. I find it really relaxing and something to look forward to on a Monday!


Sue, December 2017

Thank you for the video and for all the classes this year. I just thought I would let you know the positive impact it has had. I now get out of bed and walk without hobbling downstairs. I haven’t used any ice/heat packs as my back has been pain-free therefore […]


Marilyn, August 2017

Following surgery which led to weight gain due to being unable to exercise, I didn’t feel confident enough to go to the gym.  By going to yoga with Clair I began to feel more confident about my body as well as stronger.  Not only did this help my mood it also […]


Kristy, December 2016

Clair’s yoga class provides a great workout for the body and mind. I love the variety of poses that are taught each week and over the two years I have been attending I have increased my flexibility, strengthened my core and learnt some great meditation practises. Clair is a brilliant […]


Carole, November 2015

Would just like to say how much I enjoy the yoga lessons and every time come away feeling so much better and relaxed for attending – even on the less energetic days – its like the body has been refuelled and ready to go ! I do enjoy the variety, […]


Eva, May 2015

I have been coming to Clair’s Friday morning yoga class for just under a year.  Last week at my well woman check up I was very pleased to be told “EVA YOU MUST BE DOING YOGA AS YOUR HEIGHT HAS INCREASED SINCE YOUR LAST ‘WELL WOMAN CHECK UP’”.  The nurse explained that Yoga is […]


Stephanie, February 2014

I started my classes with Clair in September 2013. It has been a really joyful experience. She is a truly delightful teacher and spends time making sure everyone feels relaxed and confident, whatever their level of ability. All instructions are clear, making sure that postures are built up gradually. Thank […]


Heather, November 2013

From the start of attending Clair’s classes you are made to feel welcome, the people are warm and friendly. There are a selection of all ages and abilities in a small group. Clair helps you with the correct way of breathing and the alignment of the poses. I have been […]


Kelly, October 2013

I have been going to Claire’s classes for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! The classes are small and welcoming and individual attention is given to each member. Claire is very encouraging for us to try different poses and push ourselves but to always listen to our bodies. […]


Tim, July 2013

I really thought my active days were behind me mainly because of lower back pain inflicted on me by my job.  I had read a lot about Yoga and it’s benefits but typically thought it was a girl thing, never convinced I carried on in agony I sometimes could not […]


Maureen, July 2013

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed last weeks yoga session.  I really appreciated the music that Geeta sent to you  and the poem you read to us.  How lucky are we  to have you as our instructor/tutor and the extras.  Pure bliss for me, I was […]


Denise, July 2013

I started yoga for the first time late 2012 and I couldn’t have found a better class or instructor. I had just been discharged from physiotherapy after suffering from a dislocated ball and socket joint with a torn rotor cuff resulting in a completely frozen shoulder. After 18 months of excruciating physio […]


Jane, June 2013

Thanks for another great class this week.  As always you provided the opportunity for a really good, all over body stretch, combining posture with breath control which meant all thoughts of the busy day were completely forgotten during the session AND I ended up a couple of inches taller …….. […]


Chris, November 2011

Yoga has significantly helped  me.  I  play a lot of golf and for the past 18 months have been struggling with playing to my handicap.  After coming  off the course one day I realised how stiff I had been. I then started attending  Yoga classes and doing stretches. Within 6 […]


Karen, August 2011

I have been attending Clair’s yoga class for 18 months.  I have never really exercised much before and when I did I normally gave up after a few weeks.  Since I have been doing yoga with Clair I have noticed a great difference in myself.  I am more flexible and stronger.  In the beginning I […]


Georgia, July 2011

Clair has been teaching me yoga for just over 18 months.  In that time I have noticed a real increase in my flexibility.  At the beginning I couldn’t get past my ankles but now I can reach the floor in a forward bend! I really enjoy Clair’s relaxation with the lavender eye […]


Bryan, June 2011

Attending Clair’s yoga classes has been a revelation. Having suffered with painful hips when walking for the past 7 years, I now find that the pain in my left hip has gone and the pain in the other is much reduced.  I can only think that the stretching and relaxing […]

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